Fundación Agaves Silvestres funds its projects through donations as well as through the sale of small-batch agave spirits from around Mexico. We exclusively sell agave spirits made by mezcaleros using renewable methods in their production. Our first series for sale is called "Vino de Mezcal", the original name given by Spanish colonists to agave distillates. We named it thus because they are mostly from states outide the current Mezcal denomination of origin. The Vino de Mezcal Series #1 from 2012 is available commercially in US and Mexico.

"Vino de Mezcal" - Serie 1 - 2012

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Name Maestro Mezcalero State Agave AbV
Número 1Asunción MatildePueblaEspadilla48.5%
Número 2Fidel LagardaSonoraLechuguilla48.8%
Número 3Asunción MatildePueblaEspadilla con pechuga y mole poblano53.5%
Número 4Maria Elena PérezMichoacánCupreata48.5%
Número 5Asunción MatildePueblaPapalomé47.8%
Número 6Moisés Calzada RendónGuerreroCupreata47%
Número 7Asunción MatildePueblaEspadilla con Conejo y mole poblano53.5%